• Buy & Sell

    @Compu-Tech We-Buy and We-Sell, so if your wanting to sell your goods, we will happily inspect the goods and make…

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  • Computer & Laptop Repair

    Computer & Laptop Repair

    Is your PC or laptop running slow or crashing? Are you getting 'Fatal Exception Errors' or The Blue Screen of…

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  • Data Recovery

    Data Recovery

    Most of us at some time have felt the dread of realising that you have accidentally lost some important files.…

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  • Hardware Setup & Instalation

    Hardware Setup & Instalation

    If you need help installing your new hardware or software, just give us a call and we will be happy…

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  • Maintenance Contracts

    Maintenance Contracts

    If your business has several machines that regularly need repair of maintenance why not give us a call to talk…

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  • Mobile & Tablet Repair

    Mobile & Tablet Repair

    We can help with a whole range of Mobile & Tablet problems. We offer everything from screen replacement to installing…

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  • Network Support

    Network Support

    If you have multiple devices in your home or office then having them connected to each other by a network…

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  • On-Site Engineers

    On-Site Engineers

    If your business does not have its own IT department then you may find yourself in a fix if something…

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  • Same Day In-Home Support

    Same Day In-Home Support

    @Compu-Tech we are always happy to repair your devices in our workshop, but we understand that sometimes it may not…

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